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Spreading the Holiday Feeling

Ooooh! The Pretties!!

Gift Exchange
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No matter what the Holiday, it's nice to get gifts.

You can sign up here to exchange "virtual gifts" with others.

Membership is easy: when you sign up you commit to posting each day for the month leading up to the holiday 1 virtual gift.

The gift can be a piece of artwork, a short fic, or even a virtual card or other gift (virtual chocolate is always good!!!)

Please also feel free to post links to good "virtual gift" pages that we can all share. I know that The Site Fights has some great gifts - growing baskets, flowers, etc., and they give you the HTML for them to remote link as well!

Currently, the community is accepting signups for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza.

Conditions of Membership

By signing up for this, you undertake that you will post once per day in the community from 1 December 2004 until 24 December 2004 with a virtual gift of some sort (be it a fic, artwork, (fics or artworks can be recommendations - but it's nicer if it's one you've written) link to a nice place, a virtual card or gift (virtual chocolate is always good).